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How to Use this Ministry Position Resource

You are on your way to taking the next step in using your Spiritual Gifts.  Serving the Body of Christ with your gifting and passion is one of the greatest ways you can demonstrate the love of God to others.  Using your gift also changes you.  You will become more like Christ when you seek to use your gifts to benefit others (Phil. 2:3-4)   There are many places to begin serving here at Bethany and we want this resource to be a guide for you to find the place that best suits you and the ministry you are interested in.

  • Look through your primary gift description for ideas on what opportunities might best suit you.
  • Some of the ministry opportunities listed in this guide may be currently filled and some only open during pre-set times during the year.  Please make sure you check to see if the position is open before you make a call to the Ministry Leader.
  • Select one or two ministry opportunities that best match your primary and secondary gifting, that interests you and that are listed as open
  • Once you have found the ministry position that interests you and fits your primary gifting, contact the Ministry Leader that is listed on the page or website to set up an initial interview about the position.  The ministry leader may send you a form to complete before arriving for the interview.  Expect the interview process to be between 15-30 minutes long.  It will be a time for you to explore the position with the Ministry Leader as to whether it is the right fit.
  • If after the interview it is determined that the ministry position is not the best fit, the Ministry Leader will suggest other options or direct you to Pastor Scott Foster or Pastor Dave Rimoldi for further placement options.
  • If you and the Ministry Leader determine the position is a good fit, you will then be asked to commit to a training process specific to that ministry.  Most ministries at Bethany have either a training class or on the job training shadowing another leader.  Shadow training has you perform ministry duties with a designated leader for a period of time (3 months) before you are released to serve on your own. 

Effective ministry happens best when God’s people say yes and get involved. We are excited to partner with you on your journey to serve God and His people.

Downloadable Resources: Assessment | Gift Descriptions

For Ministry Opportunities please call us in the church office 562.597.2411