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Romania Updates

July 30 via Mike
Good last day in Orastie. We visited two sr homes to pass out scarves n hats knitted by ladies at church, sang to them, and talked.
Then had lunch with a member of parliament
Visited some roman baths built around 100AD
Did a little shopping
Cleaned up the church. Amazing what a bunch of hard working Romanians and a few Americans can accomplish.
Tonight was a final dinner at each home.
It has been great staying and working with theses loving people.
Romania should be proud.
Mark, Jill, and Daniel are hard working, dedicated servants of God. What awesome missionaries to work with.
Pastor Gabi, Ela, and the rest of our Orastie partners could not have done more.
Tomorrow we leave for Bucharest.
Thank you for covering us in prayer

July 29 via Mike
Our final day of church here was great. Even with the temperature pushing towards triple digits, the team did very well.
By team I mean the mix of Romanians from Orastie, Sibiu, and Americans.
We split in two groups to churches in Romoshel and Orastie in the morning. Then all together in the evening in Orastie. Lots of testimonies from the teams and worship. Ron, in top form, and I preached.
We ended the night at the town plaza with ice cream. Lots of fun, conversations, and more worship right on the green. I had a chance to talk with the current mayor.
Today we head to a neighboring city to visit a retirement home, pass out scarves, have lunch with a member of Parliment. Then pass out the school kits and coloring books.
Ending with our final dinner with our host families.
Your prayers are working. Please keep the up

July 28 via Mike
Hi Scott,
Awesome day of rest n fellowship.
We went out past hateg (hatszig) to see Roman ruins from 102AD. You could walk up n touch marble columns. Then we had a huge honor to visit pastor Gabi's parents. We prayed for his father last month after a near fatal accident. Now we did it in person.
Then off to the cool mountains to hike to a beautiful waterfall.
Our swimmers had a good swim in the lake.
Dinner of Romanian pizza! At dinner the announced Romania had won a silver medal in Judo.
lots of time hanging out with our Romanian friends.
The team is tired, but still moving.
Tomorrow is church x3
Please pray for team unity and strength
Serving Him

July 27 via Mike
Another big day.
A great day of VBS including a recreation of the Easter story
During the afternoon the team finished painting (any kid would be excited to have those kids rooms). We met with the church elder. He always saves a bunch of bible questions for us. I brought in the big guns with Ron.
We invited the VBS kids back with parents Tonight. After prep and prayer over 110 kids showed with about 50 parents. Maybe the biggest crowd the church has seen. What a blessing. A bunch had memorized all bible verses. Lots got rewards. Ron, romanians, Pastor Gabi and a member of parliament spoke.
We ended the night with volleyball and soccer in the gym.
Tomorrow is our day off to see the countryside.
You prayers are working.

July 27 via Mike
Big night of thunderstorms followed by bigger day of vbs. we are nearing 100 kids. The team is amazing! Romanians and Americans are working like the have been friends for years.
The team is working very hard. Many are a bit tired and adjusting to the warm weather, schedule, food, etc.
The kids rooms are nearly done with painting. We sure have some talented and creative people. Mark and I just set up the projector, buy paint, and stay out of the way.
Today we are recreating the Easter story with drama. Crosses and all. Also, tonight we have invited all the kids to bring their families back for awards and MSG from pastor Gabi
Please keep praying for endurance, health, fellowship, recovery, open hearts for kids and adults, and resilience to spiritual attack.
Tonight we celebrate a great week with a volleyball game.
Pace & Serving Him together

July 24 via Mike
Great day of VBS. we had a little rain this morning
Kids got lesson, crafts, bible verses, games, testimonies, and more.
Another good crowd. Romanian and American teams are working great together. Praise God.
Team has down amazing paint job on both church kids rooms. Room sized Noah's ark, Precious Moments characters in other room.
Lots of cleanup from construction. Cinderella x 10
Tonight was night with church youth. Lots of bilingual worship, fun, talking, and games.
Tomorrow is VBS and serious moving (2 semi trucks of furniture to unload and install)
Thank you again for overwhelming prayer. Please keep it up. Some physical and emotional challenges. Jared is back up though!

July 23 via Mike
Awesome vbs today. Over 50 kids. Team did great. I am excited that all are doing so well
Jared wend down today with migraine. He's at Gabis.
Tonite is church prayer and prayer walk.
Thanks for praying.

July 22 via Mike
People have had minor challenges. Reminding them of training and patience got them through. All cases folks are happier for it. Some were pretty scared before testimonies. It was great to see them work through it and end with big smiles.
My prayer time increases as team gets worn. You know how that goes. Yesterday afternoon was good rest for team at houses.
Not much on Colorado shooting here. Just basics . Lots on Bulgaria bombing and impeachment of Romania president.
Jana played drums at church then gave testimony. It was great!
Even more crazy stories about new church to tell when we return. Your miracle sermon has examples here. The doctor told Gabi he can't explain his fathers recovery. His heart stopped twice. We can :)

July 21 via Mike
How are you my friend? The team spent the day cleaning the church, setting up vbs, painting childrens church, sanding n painting chairs.
Tonight we pray with church. Part of 40 days of prayer. Tyler speaks at youth meet with our worship and testimonies. Tomorrow Ron and I preach with other testimonies. Thank you for prayers . Amazing miracles already

July 20 via Mike
We arrived safely. With host families. Tyler preaches to youth tonite. I preach Sunday morning, Ron sunday night. All doing well.
Gabi sends his best. Weather warm, blazing for the weekend. Serve day saturday with youth from all over Romania and a missions team from US.
Thanks for prayers

July 19 via Tisa
Thank you for all your prayers at our send off. We had great flights and ALL of our luggage arrived safely.